Do you waste a lot of time manually processing data from
different software systems?

Alice Automation

Universal Data Fluency

Alice can communicate between old and new technologies, connecting older tools like Microsoft Office to newer tools like Slack or Microsoft Teams.


Alice can save you time by automating repetitive and time consuming tasks. She can generate automated reports generated from each integrated service.


Alice keeps communication flowing between your team, your clients, and each other. She sends daily agendas and checks in on progress if she hasn’t seen movement.


About​ ​Us

We are a 100% US based automation and technology company. We’ve been proud to partner with a wide range of organizations including the US Navy and Air Force.

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Election Day Linux Desktop Contest

Election Day Linux Desktop Contest

I am happy to announce that The Mad Botter INC is once again hosting an open-source software development contest for US students. The prompt for this contest is civics broadly. Submissions can be anything to do with civics education, fighting disinformation or...

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Fourth of July Contest

Fourth of July Contest

Based on the success of our annual Earth Day contest and our continuing commitment to STEM education and open-source software, The Mad Botter INC team is launching a Fourth of July competition for US students. We are thrilled to offer this competition to promote...

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